Emo Love Story Part 4

Hey guise ! ~told chu i would make this one quick ! [; Again, my apologies for not keeping up with the series]: I had so much homework, then I always had dance, and then I got sick... it was icky. ]: But if you were patient and waited ; thank you soo much ! (=

Well thanks for being a regular taker of the series! Patience is a virtue(= ~ReCaP: You were walking home with dear little Willykins , && some random person knocked you to the ground, and you lost conciousness. poor chu )= Let's get on wiff this story ! Enjoy, guise!!! :D

Created by: Anais

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  1. You're eyes are half open, and you can see a little bit of what's going on- it's William, fighting a guy about your age, who's really strong. They're in the middle of the street, and you're laying in the grass beside them. William throws a good punch, and hits the guy right in the face. The guy falls, with a bloody nose. He's screaming something, you can't make it out, but it sounds like he's saying, "You can't hide her for long!" He ran off while William picked you up and carried you somewhere. You pass out again, when you wake up you're in what it seems like a master bedroom, with one window letting the light flood inside. Across from the bed there's a flat screen tv mounted up on the wall, with a huge collection of dvds in alphabetical order. There's a huge walk-in closet on the left side of the room, and a bathroom with nice tile and a huge hot tub inside, and there's a mirror attached to the wall, next to there's a stereo.
  2. You get up and open the door. You hear some serious talking, so you look through the keyhole of the door downstairs, it seems to be a huge library. You hear the guys, so that means you're here with them! You hear William say, "Guys, we need to hide _______ from Sam. He's really dangerous, his dad's in the CIA and we don't know how much power he has. What should we do?" You can hear Chris say, "Let's just keep her here with us, and she'll just go to school regularly. We already live here, so adding one more person won't hurt!" Adam says in a quiet voice, " I agree with Chris. She's really sweet and nice, I think she'll handle it well. What about you, Joseph?" You can hear Joseph say, "Yeah, we could do that! Is it unanimous, William?" You heae William say in a happy tone, "Awesome idea! Let's check to see if she woke up." You gasp and lose your balance, you accidentally open the door and fall in! All te guys looked at you, and everyone including you laughed really hard.
  3. You explain that you heard everything and you sit down with them. They tell you that Sam was one of their lifelong enemies, he wants you because his dad is in the CIA, he needs a female to be a decoy in one of their missions, and a consequence from it is death. He wants you and only you, so they need to keep him away from you. Your parents know everything, so you can contact them. You have to be extra careful now. You say you understand, and you go back to your room, dinner's in an hour, and you're free to explore. Also, Joseph's outcast thing was a coverup so you would ignore him to keep yourself safe, but it didn't work. Now you can know the real him[:
  4. You go into your room and decide to change before dinner. You change into:
  5. You change, sit on your bed, and hear a knock on the door. "Come in!", you say sweetly. You see the door crack open, it's Joseph! He comes in and sits next to you. "I just wanted to apologize for my coverup, I just wanted to keep you safe. Now you can see the real me! My name is Joseph Phillips, and I play soccer, and really, really like someone." "Well who might that be?", you say with a worried look and a bit of a jealous tone. He smiles and replies, "You!" He leans forward, and so do you, and he gives you a sweet kiss on the lips. He holds you for a bit, and gets up. "By the way, you look amazing," he says, looking you in the eyes. He walks out the door and closes it behind him.
  6. You decided to explore a little, so you opened up the door and saw Chris, his hand up ready to knock on the door. "Well, since I'm here...", he said with a dimpled smile, and gave you a cute kiss on the cheek, then a big bear hug. You giggled and asked, "Guessing it's time for dinner?" Before he answered, he glanced at your outfit. "You look- you look-wow. Uhhh yeah, it is time for dinner!", he said with an embarrased grin.
  7. You walk downstairs to find a beautiful kitchen, with stainless stell appliances. Adam and William are looking at you, mouths wide open. You all laugh when you look at them, and everyone sits at the table. Where do you sit?
  8. Everyone eats lobster with delucious mashed potatoes seasoned with parsley. Yummay in mah tummay:D You all eat and laugh, and have a great time. Afterwards, it's 9:47, and you're tired from a long, confusing day. You retreat to your room and lay down in your comfy bed. You slowly fall asleep, then you hear rocks against your window! You smile and head towards your window, and open it to find some random stranger. He was really cute, he had dark brown hair covering one eye, and grey, mysterious eyes that glittered in the moonlight. He throws you a note, and it reads: 'Adam, William, Chris, and Joseph aren't keeping you safe. Don't trust them... trust me.' So many thoughts are swirling in your head. Who is he? Why aren't you safe?
  9. CLIFFHANGER ! Sorry guise]:
  10. Last question! Who stole your emo-loving heart?

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