Vampire Love Part 2

I know its stupid. Remember I'm a guy, and that's why. I am trying to make it like a girl would like it,and I hope you do like it. Thanks for all the nice comments!

I know its stupid. Remember I'm a guy, and that's why. I am trying to make it like a girl would like it,and I hope you do like it. Thanks for all the nice comments!!

Created by: Jake101
  1. " Jake? What are you-" you start but he cuts you off. " Shut up. Or I will bite you," Jake growls. He slaps you and walks away. You blink and walk back to P.E. class slowly. Okay,you say to yourself, What just happened? You shrug and get back into the vollyball game. Jessica glares at you. She hits the ball and aims it for you. You hit it back and it hits her in the head. You put your hand on your mouth to hide your snickering. " Oh no! My makeup is running!" Jessica crys as black eye shadow runs down her face. You snicker and watch the Jessica run out of the gym, the teacher chasing her. When they leave, everyone bursts out laughing. Kids high fives you. You are...
  2. The bell rings, and Jessica and the gym teacher are not back yet. You chuckle and walk off to lunch. As you walk to lunch, you think about what happened with Jake. The fangs,the slapping, the pushing. You go into the cafetirea and order...
  3. You get whatever you wanted and grab a coca cola. You look around the cafeteria and choose to sit with your bff, Hannah. She has blue eyes and black hair. She was wearing a black tank top and a semi skirt with flipflops. You walk over and sit beside her. A serious look flashes onto her face. " Juliet," she says. " I'm a vampire,"
  4. Your jaw drops open. " What the hell did you just say?" You look at her. " Girl, I'm a vampire. So is Jake," Hannah says taking a sip out of her Dr.Pib. " That explanes the fangs," you mutter. " What?" Hannah asks. " Nothing," you grumble.
  5. " Someones grouchy," she snaps and walks away. You roll your eyes, throw away your trash, and walk out. Next class is Study Hall. As your walking there, a cute guy with brown hair and brown dyes walks toward you.
  6. " Hello lad," he says in a British voice. " I'm Chad. May you tell me where the loo is?" You stare at him with a awkward look in your face. " Um i-" your friend who's British named Kat who has brown hair and blue eyes says " Loo is the bathroom in England. Down the hall to the left,"
  7. You look at her and she grins. Chad waves and walks away. " Thanks," you mutter to your friend and walk away to Study Hall. But you have a weird feeling about this Chad kid...
  8. You walk to study hall. A few minutes later Chad walks in. He walks toward your table where your reading a book about Vampires. He sits down across from you. You continue reading but notice Chad staring at your book the whole hour. The bell rings and Chad gets up and walks away. You raise your eyebrows,shrug, and leave to go to Math.
  9. While your walking down the hall, tu notice that Chad was talking to Hannah. He looked mad. You duck behind the trash can to hear what their saying. " She already knows two people are vampires! One more wont kill her! Oops bad choice of words," Hannah says. " Yes,but I don't want Juliet to know. I really like her lad," Chad says. " Yes!!!" " Did you hear something?" Chad asks. " Yeah," Hannah says. They walk over to where your hiding and look behind the trash can.
  10. Sorry it was short! And I'm sorry its stupid. I'm a dude so that why... bye!

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