What vampire will you love? part 3

Hey I know it took me a while to come out with this quiz. thanks for being patient.

If you haven't taken the other two quizzes i suggest you do so now so you won't be confused.

Created by: nickie123

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  1. Where we left off was you went to bed to think about everything that's happened.
  2. In the morning you wake up and go downstairs. It's Sunday. You see the guys all siting in the living room. Alex gets up and asks what you want to eat. You say...
  3. After you eat you ask what was going on today. Levi shrugged, Alex said he didn't care so Zak said swimming! Nobody has a better idea so all decide to go swimming.
  4. "Race ya there." says Zak and he rushes to his room. You go to your room and put on a swimsuit(whichever kind you want). You head out to the pool. No one was there yet. You get in the pool and float for a while when you hear a small splash. You get to your feet(it was shallow enough to touch)when Zak grabs you from behind.
  5. You don't know who grabbed you so you swing your elbow back into your attackers face. Zak lets you go and holds his hand to his face. You turn around and realize it's Zak.
  6. You blurt out sorry and ask if he's ok. Zak just looks at you funnily. "What?" you say feeling self conscious. He was about to say something when Levi and Alex jump in shouting "Cannon ball!"
  7. You spend the rest of the time splashing each other and playing Marco polo. Levi won most of the time though you were a close second.
  8. You get out and dry off. You go inside get changed and head back downstairs. Just as you sit on the couch the guys come in dripping wet. Zak walks over to you and shakes is head splashing water all over you.
  9. Alex playfully pushes Zak away from you and tells him to go dry off. Then Alex and Levi go to their rooms to change. You lie on the couch. Alex comes back and pick up your feet, sits down on the couch, and puts your legs on his lap.
  10. When Levi and Zak come into the room Zak looks jealous, and Levi looks disappointed that he can't sit by you. Alex just looks the tiniest bit smug. You all talk the rest of the evening and then go to bed. You give each boy a hug and say goodnight.

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Quiz topic: What vampire will I love? part 3