Will you two break up soon?

There are many relationships out there in the world. A lot don't last, but a lot do. Will your's last? Will you and your boy/girlfriend stick together?

Will you two break up soon? Breakups happen all the time. If you go through one, you'll be upset but don't let it take your happiness away. Select the answers that best applies to you.

Created by: Lala Yamada of Join TeenHelp!
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  1. How many times do you see your boy/girlfriend?
  2. Do you two ever go out on dates?
  3. How often do you both argue?
  4. Which of these choices do you and your boy/girlfriend usually do?
  5. Do they make you happy?
  6. How often do they get you upset and/or angry?
  7. Do you two know everything about each other?
  8. Do you trust him/her?
  9. Have you ever broken up with him/her in the past?
  10. Do you think you two will last?

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Quiz topic: Will I two break up soon?