What Prison Break Character are You??

Prison Break has been a popular show. There are several characters with different personalities, some that scare people, and some that tug at your heartstrings. So which are you???

Michael, Sara, Lincoln, Paul, TBag, which are you? The freak or the doctor?? Take this quiz to find out. I hope you get who you want, and that you are shocked by the answer!

Created by: Mandy
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you ended up in prison, what would it be for??
  2. What crowd would you roll with in prison??
  3. Which do you prefer?
  4. Who are you attracted to?
  5. What kind of music do you like?
  6. How would you describe your relationship with your family?
  7. What is your favorite color?
  8. What do you call your friends?
  9. Where are you from??
  10. What is your opinion on college?

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Quiz topic: What Prison Break Character am I??