The Dionysian Quiz

The Dionysian Players have been around for almost 10 years and so many people have claimed to have been there for the duration, but most people know very little about us. Can you prove us wrong?

Are you a Dionysian Player or just a supporter? SHow us that you are one of us. Maybe you can just answer all of the questions correctly and become an honorary Dionysian Player!

Created by: Brett Kitko

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  1. Which of these "Dionysian Players" designed and maintained our original web site?
  2. Snoopy was a great show for the Dionysian Players, but its run was cut extremely short. Why?
  3. Don Thomas was most afraid of what at the theater?
  4. The address for the Dionysian Theatre was:
  5. The first show produced at the Dionysian Theater was
  6. The first review that the Dionysian Players received for a performance was written by
  7. The Audrey II plants that were used in three productions of Little Shop of Horrors were purchased where?
  8. The building that housed the Dionysian Theatre was this immediately before becoming a theater
  9. The temperature in the attic while Michael and Brett repaired the lighting was
  10. How high were the celings in the theater?
  11. The Dioysian Players left the theater to pursue Dinner Theater. Where did the group first perform Dinner Theater?
  12. This individual made a much appreciated donation of power tools to the Dionysian Players
  13. The chairs in which audience members sat and watched three seasons of shows came from
  14. The names of the founding members of the Dionyian Players are
  15. The stairs leading to the dressing rooms at the theater were falling apart when we moved in. They were rebuilt using what?
  16. Who came up with the name "Dionysian Players?"
  17. This show's beautiful set was never seen by the public. On opening night, the lead actress got stage fright and sent her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend to tell us that she could not do the show. The show never opened, causing a huge financial los
  18. The floors of the dressing room were painted these beautiful colors
  19. This was the most expensive show of all to produce
  20. What was the name of the only Kid's Show that the Dionysian Players performed?
  21. What was the name of the landlord for the Dionysian Theatre?
  22. Can you name the main male and female characters in "Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?"
  23. The Dionysian Players had a fundraiser to raise money for Pippin. What did they sell?
  24. Megan & Laura both had a beautiful shade of pink hair when the Dionysian Players performed Grease. What color was Ken's hair?
  25. This person played Frankenstein in the murder mystery, Monster Mash Bash.
  26. In the murder mystery Da Mob Made Me Do It, Jackie lost all of his money by betting on this
  27. Although this show was done with another theater group, it was the show that ignited the process of putting the Dionysian Players together.
  28. During the Musical HAIR, what happened to the garbage can on stage?

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