Are You A Farmer?

there are several people out there who think that because they have seen a cow standing in a field that makes them a farmer and this quiz is to prove them wrong!!!!!

so are you a farmer prove me wrong and show me that you no your way arond a farm and could easily manage on your own for a day do you no how to get into a tractor start it up and away you go? i think not!!!

Created by: Daryl
  1. can you drive a tractor
  2. what do you normally wear?
  3. what do you like to wear?
  4. which would you prefer to do at the weekend
  5. what would you prefer to do?
  6. who sings sweet home alabama
  7. what do you call a bull that has been sqeezed
  8. when does a heifer become a cow?
  9. which is a make of tractor?
  10. do you enjoy getting dirty
  11. do you live in the city

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Quiz topic: Am I A Farmer?