Could You Be A Farmer?

Could you be a farmer? Few people know how hard it is to work on a farm. It takes guts and a lot of sweat! Can you take it? Do you have the strength for this 24/7job?

What's your calling? Could you be a farmer or should you just stick with an inside job, maybe with a desk and some secretaries? Maybe you could make it? In a few minutes you'll know your true calling!

Created by: christie
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  1. Would you run away if a cow "walked" towards you?
  2. Can you mount a horse?
  3. Can you pick up a standard bale of hay?
  4. Can you milk a dairy cow?
  5. Can you drive a tractor?
  6. Do you know the difference between a heifer and a cow?
  7. Can you plant a garden?
  8. Whats a ewe?
  9. What's the priority in the characteristics of a heifer?
  10. Have you ever worked with any kind of farm animal?

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