Could You Take Care of a Cow?

Have you ever wondered if you could run a dairy farm? Raising cows should be easy enough right? Many people vastly under-estamate the knowledge needed to rear healthy bovines. Are you a farmer at heart?

I noticed that there are plenty of "Could you take care of a Horse?" quizzes, but a strange lack of their dopey cousins. Now, you can finally find out if you, dear quiz-taker, can care for the majestic cow properly.

Created by: Jamerson
  1. We'll start easy. How many teats does a cow have?
  2. How often should you milk a cow per day?
  3. What does it mean if your cow has "Edema"?
  4. What does it mean if your cow has "Mastitus"?
  5. What breed generally has the most butterfat in their milk?
  6. How often does a cow come into heat?
  7. What is "Colostrum"?
  8. What should cows be given if they are not letting their milk down for some reason?
  9. What does it mean if a cows ears are cold?
  10. What must a cow do if it is to be butchered?
  11. Quick! A calf is coming backwards! What do you do?
  12. The calf is finally out of the cow! What do you do first?
  13. When should a calf have its first drink of milk?
  14. Finally, is it better to out-smart cows, or out-muscle them?

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