The ICO & Shadow Gameplay Quiz

Welcome to our ICO Gameplay Quiz! This here is the first quiz created by the people at Team ICO Gamers and will be about the first part of ICO - till Ico and Yorda reach the main gate.

There are twelve questions. The first two are about you, so we can get to know you a bit better. All the other questions in the quiz have two options to choose from. Nine of them are either a "yes" or "no" while the other has you choose from the two children - Ico and Yorda.

Created by: Alex Rowe of Team ICO Gamers Blog
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  1. In the opening sequence to ICO we see a group of knights. Do any of them wear horns?
  2. The knights bring Ico to the entrance of the castle. Is the gate open?
  3. They take Ico to the dock and reach a pair of magical doors. They need a sword to open them. Do they bring the sword with them from whatever village they come?
  4. Ico is imprisoned in a stone coffin. These caskets have slits. Can Ico peek outside?
  5. Ico escapes and finds Yorda trapped in a cage. When he frees her she reaches for him and asks him a question. Do they understand each other?
  6. They reach another pair of doors; the same magical doors the knights found at the dock. There is a figure sculpted inside the doors. Is it a knight?
  7. When the pair goes outside they find a sofa and a bridge. Is there something missing from the bridge?
  8. After a series of puzzles, the two arrive at the courtyard where a fierce battle with the shadows ensues. Is there any way to stop the battle without fighting them?
  9. As soon as this battle is over a door leading to the main gate opens. Who goes rushing first?
  10. The gate closes and the two children meet the queen of the castle. She addresses Yorda and tells her she can't leave. Does she speak Ico's language?

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