Oblivion Elder Scrolls Quiz

Oblivion Elder Scrolls may seem like a daunting game to conquer, what with over one hundred hours of gameplay ahead of you, but believe me it is well worth it! And to reward all your hours of hard work, here's a fun little quiz to test your lengthy knowledge of this wonderful and challenging game.

After that being said do you think you are ready to put your knowledge to the test? Come on, don't make those hours of gameplay go to waste. Sit back and enjoy while also showing your friends that your skills in the art of RPG really are the best!

Created by: Jordrey
  1. What is the name of the group of people that attack the Emperor Uriel Septim VII?
  2. After creating your character in the tutorial in which city do you enter once you leave the sewer?
  3. What object anchors the Oblivion Gates from the Daedric world to Cyrodill?
  4. To keep Martin Septim safe where does Jauffre choose to be the hideout place for him?
  5. In the quest "Dagon Shrine" to retrieve the book Mysterium Xarxes you are forced to make a choice. Who is it that you are encouraged to kill in order to remain undetected in your escape from the Dagon Shrine?
  6. What are the names of the two stewards who deal with Count Hassildors public?
  7. How many Oblivion Gates appear in Bruma before the Great Gate opens?
  8. Who are the people that occupy Camoran's Paradise?
  9. When you reach the entrance to the Flooded Grotto, who do you meet on the bridge leading to the door?
  10. What apparel must you have on before entering the Forbidden Grotto?
  11. After leaving Camoran's Paradise, who do you find leading an attack on the Imperial City?
  12. In the conclusion to the main quest, Light the Dragonfires, who are the two creatures that battle to the death?
  13. In the center on the Temple of the One where the Dragonfires once burned for centuries what now stands in its place?

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