What Elder Scrolls race are you?

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The Elder Scrolls video games feature 10 interesting and diverse playable races. From the sly Khajiit, to the bloodthirsty Orc, there are many different ways to look in Tamriel.

Who the heck are you!?! Take this quiz to figure out what Elder Scrolls race you resemble the most. From Nords, Dunmer, Argonians, and Bretons you will find the answer in this quiz.

Created by: Philip
  1. What is....Your favorite color?
  2. If you were in a fight, what weapon would you choose?
  3. What armor do you wear?
  4. What "guild" are you in?
  5. It's Friday night. You have no date, no plans, and nowhere to go. What do you do?
  6. If you just HAD to have a spell what would it be(Skyrim-wise)?
  7. Who is your favorite Skyrim NPC?
  8. In school you were known as:
  9. What classic class would you associate yourself with?
  10. An old man comes up and asks for money. You...

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Quiz topic: What Elder Scrolls race am I?