Which Oblivion race are you?

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Elder Scrolls: Oblivion was one of the most remembered games in character building, and role-playing. Help celebrate another week lost to gaming when you take the test.

This quiz can help you decide which character would best suit your level of play, and even decide what type of character would benefit from your favorite skills.

Created by: hank
  1. Select your favored attributes.
  2. Choose an Endurance attribute.
  3. Select a Strength attribute.
  4. Select a Willpower attribute.
  5. Select an intelligence attribute.
  6. Select an agility Attribute.
  7. Choose a personality Attribute.
  8. Select a speed Attribute.
  9. What job would you select ?
  10. Select another of your favored attributes.(for accuracy do not select the same attributes twice.)

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Quiz topic: Which Oblivion race am I?