Elder Scrolls 4 Obilvion: How would you live?

In the world of Elder Scrolls four, you can be any type of person you want. I've taken most of my knowledge and put it together to make this quiz. So, what do you think you are? Are you a Spell caster? Warrior/Adventurer? Or are you a daring Thief/Murder? You will have your answer once you take this quiz!

WARNING: You have to have some knowledge of the video game before you take the quiz, or you may not have a truth full answer! If you would like to take it anyway, still, have fun! :)

Created by: The Listener
  1. What sign would you like to be born under?
  2. Do you have a Guild you are in? (If you are in Multible, enter the one you enjoy the most.)
  3. What did you do to get into you Guild? (If you don't have one, put none)
  4. What skill would you say is best?
  5. If three Items were placed infront of you and you could get one free of charge (not by stealing), Which of the following would you pick?
  6. You walk into a town, it's night, and your a little sleepy, but not enough to put you to sleep, what would you do?
  7. How do you get the items you want?
  8. While strolling, you are spotted by some one that you did wrong, and you had no idea that you did it, what would you do/say?
  9. Would a guard have a reason to be after you?
  10. What type of being would you be?

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