The Five People You Meet In Heaven

There's one for PC n xbox 360..Its called F.E.A.R..Its a shooting game..U will be the member of this Assault recon team n that u ALONE is send to somewhere to do some research thingy about a man who has an ability to control an entire army telepathically and ur job is to take him down.

For PS2 and Gamecube, buy Resident Evil 4. Scary stuff happens through the whole game, but it has amazing graphics and gameplay. You fight insane villagers, unreal beasts, and mutating bosses-all while trying to rescue the presidents daughter. It is amazing. Buy it. You won't regret it. If you do buy it or have anymore questions about it e-mail me at [no emails]. Happy gaming!

Created by: joe smoe

  1. On What page did Eddie have 12 minutes to live?
  2. In the book Albom states that "A FREED SOLDIER is often ______?
  3. Whos hands didn't Eddie not think he grabbed at the pier?
  4. The car poles [near the teens] sizzled with electricity. What sound did the poles make?
  5. Albom would occasionally state "Today is Eddie's Birthday". How old is he on the last one stated?
  6. What color was Marguerites dress when Eddie first saw her?
  7. How did the Blue Man die?
  8. What was the 26th word said from the last letter in the book?
  9. What is a "bakya"?
  10. What muscle was eddie shot in specifically.

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