would you make an empire commander

do you ever wonder whats out there. aliens some good some bad the empire aims to eliminate the enemy and keep you safe and they are looking for commanders.

do YOU have what it takes to be a commander. do YOU want to be a hero. do YOU want TO be popular with the ladys. get them by becoming a commander but are YOU tough enough find out inside.

Created by: matthew
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  1. your home is attacked do you?
  2. you are offered a free machine gun with lots of bullets do you?
  3. your friend is involved in a fight do you?
  4. earth is at war you want to join the army but your wife/husband/parent wont let you do you?
  5. you have been ordered to defend an area do you?
  6. when you see someone you like do you want to?
  7. your place of work is attacked and you are hiding with some friends do you?
  8. in the year 2020 you are a starship captain and recieve a distress signal do you?
  9. you are attacking a enemy ship and are in a fighter when a enemy interceptor comes behind you do you?
  10. would you rather have?

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