Rock-A-Thon Quiz

Every year, WPPJ Radio, Point Park's radio station, throws one of the largest events of the year – Rock-A-Thon, 67 hours of live radio broadcast. No automatic playlists, no podcasts – live DJs broadcasting, even late at night and very early in the morning. This year was the 31st annual Rock-A-Thon, that had to compete with many other events around campus. The Rock-A-Thon raises money for The Early Learning Institute, and is not a for-profit event; all the money goes to donation.

Do you think you know everything there is to know about Rock-A-Thon? You think you paid attention to all the scattered details? If so, take this quiz and prove it!

Created by: Coral Pragier of Cory's Art Corner
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  1. The Rock-A-Thon this year took place at what dates:
  2. Rock-A-Thon lasts 67 hours because of...
  3. The first person to broadcast for 67 straight hours was
  4. How old is Rock-A-Thon?
  5. Where does Rock-A-Thon take place?
  6. How many DJs work for WPPJ?
  7. What was the last song played on Rock-A-Thon this year?
  8. Who are the Last DJs Standing?
  9. What are the colors of WPPJ?
  10. Who is the current general manager of WPPJ?

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