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Some people think that they know everything... Everything except the actual place where they live on! Nothing can defeat the Earth and it's contents, but who knows?

Think you are an Expert on Geography?? Well let's hope so... Who knows... Take the quiz and find out about what you know about Earth and its Contents!!

Created by: Ramich of Rammich
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  1. Where is Egypt located?
  2. What does Indonesia Run through?
  3. How many Oceans are there?
  4. Where does the Equator run through?
  5. What is the Largest country in the world?
  6. What was Pakistan once a part of?
  7. Which one is a city in Mongolia?
  8. Where is Barbera Located?
  9. What Sea Is surrounded By Iran, Kazakhstan, and Russia?
  10. Which flag has a Big Red dot in the middle?
  11. What country has a 2009 estimate of 308,139,000 as a population?
  12. What country did Christopher Columbus represent on all of his Voyages?
  13. How many continents are there in the World?

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