Where in the world are you from!?

The planet Earth is covered with people, and those people live in alot of countries. Now take this short quiz and see where you hail from or the closed place to where your from! Enjoy :)

I'm sure you think that your going to hit the nail on the head with this on but I think you may be surprised with the results! Its only a few questions good luck!

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
The launguage in my country is...
Clicks n pops
The "real" English
My preffered food is...
Bugs n stuff like that
Steak and a Budweiser
Tea and Crumpets
potatoes (because its too cold to grow anything else)
For entertainment I...
Play rugby
Harvest crops
Watch TV and play video games
Chase animals with sticks
Practice Karate
Walk around in the baren frozen wastes
If there was a disaster in my country __________ would bail us out.
The United States
President Bush
U.S. Congress
The American Tax payers
The United Nations aka The United States
When I go home on vacation I travel on/in...
Car / Plane
Plane / Ship
Foot / Hidden in the luggage compartment of a stolen vehicle
Plane / Snowmobile
Where I come from the main thing we lack is...
People who know when to shut up
People who follow the laws
A toothbrush
A non-comunist government
I like The United States
In my country we pay taxes with...
A goat
Potatoes and Vodka
Taxes? we have to eat dogs round here!
When people from other countries dislike my country they...
Make fun of our teeth
Put up a fence and hope we don't climb over
Put their fingers next to the corners of their eyes and pull out
Watch national geographic and laugh at the way we live
stop buying vodka and start buying brides
Burn our flag and make fun of our president
When people in my country want to get married they...
Go to a cathedral
Trade a goat the brides father
Go to a temple
Find a person who live in America so they can become a citizen
Go to a church and obtain a marriage certificate
There are no females to marry here they all mailed themselves to America
Which of the following is not a "real" country...
Lacey underware
Children are born in this where I come from...
A hospital
The Villiage Witch Doctor's hut
A snowdrift
None of the above
Which TV channel would I most likely be seen on...
History channel
National Geographic
News Channel covering the nuclear crisis in my reigon
No TV channels cover my cold boring ass country
The primary export of my country is...
Soccer Balls and various other hand made goods
Slaves / Diamonds
Horny women with bad teeth
The person I E-mail most is...
Austin Powers
All the cool peeps on MySpace
Ying Yang Yong Ping Pang Pong
What is E-Mail?
My female friends who now live in America
The Immigration office in America
I though this quiz was funny as hell!
I don't have internet so I could not take this quiz

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