Life of a Freak Part 2

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Still based on the Maximum Ride series you will see what it's like to escape. Sammy and Mason will do whatever it takes to survive. Let's see if you can survive with them.

Can you survive with Mason? Will you get caught? Find out by taking my second part of the quiz. Keep going on with the series and be moved with Sammy and Mason.

Created by: kadams739
  1. A nurse reaches for your foot. Then you imagine of yourself being free. All of a sudden you felt your hair tingiling and your face morphing. "AHHH!!" Screamed the nurse and she screamed "Who knew she could turn into a fox?!" You realized what she said and you looked down to see paws and blonde fur covering you. The dog lunged at you but was chocked by his leash. You ran before the nurse came to her senses. You remembered in the plan it said 'Meet at the cave with a faint bear scent.' You ran hoping that Mason made it out. You hear barking and screaming. It was hard to foucus your nose with all this chasing.
  2. You caught the smell of bears but it was hardly noticeable. You started running toward it and the barking began to fade. You think that they went another way to find you. You ran as fast as your four little legs can carry you. 'Cave, cave, come on! Where is that cave!?' You thought starting to get frustrated. You turned away to look behind you and *SMACK*! You ran straight into the cave side. "Well I found it." You said irritated and holding your nose with your paws. 'Oww! And hey? Where's Mason?' You looked around frantically. "You get the easy route." Went through your head. Maybe it's taking him longer because he has the harder route. You hoped that was it. You sat on a rock still in your fox form. You heard distance barking and commands.
  3. What felt like hours maybe even years. Mason finally came from the bushes. He was also in his fox form. Mason gave you a smile which was hard to believe since he was still a fox. You turned normal still on the rock and said "Hey. Took you long enough." He turned normal as well and he smiled again. "Ya sorry. Those raptors took a while to trap." Your eyes widened to what felt like saucers. "You trapped the raptors?" "Yep! I had to get them to chase me into my old room. The door shut on one of their legs." Mason looked proud that he possibly crippled a raptor. Then again you would have been to. "You got all the fun!" You complained. He rolled his eyes playfully and got closer to you. "Ya but I didn't want you to get hurt." You blushed and smiled at the ground. You had to change the subject before you turned all red. "So when are we leaving?" He looked at something in the distance and you could just see him thinking. "Tomorrow morning." He was still looking away. "You ok?" He turned back to you and did a half smile. "I'm fine. We should get some sleep." You didn't know what time it was but you were exausted. You yawned and stood up. Tired you started to go in the cave. Mason fallowed you in and you could fell his eyes on you. Then again what is there to stare at besides you and cave walls. You kneeled down and sat against the wall starting to curl up into a little ball. The cold cave floor made you miss your bed back in hell. Mason must have seen you shivering because he sat next to you and lifted up your head and moved it onto his chest. He started stroking your arm. Warm sensations filled your body. You stopped shirvering and started to fall into a deep sleep...
  4. You were running away from nurses with dogs. You saw the forest thining out hopefully into a clearing. You broke through the trees and saw something that tore you apart on the inside. Mason was standing there with a devilish smile and behind him where hundreds of raptors. Mason started walking towards you. You couldn't back up because the nurses and the dogs broke out of the forest too. Mason grabbed your arms tightly and leaned in by your ear. "Don't trust what you see." He whispered. "What do you mean?" He laughed silently and said "You'll see." He threw you into the raptor army and you screamed then woke up sweating and panting.
  5. You swiped your face with your hand to get off some of the sweat. Your breatheing slowed and you started to realize what's real and what fake. Dream was fake. Mason missing is real. Wait! Mason missing is real! You started to get worked up again. Where? This can't be! You stood up to fast and got light headed and almost lost your balance. "Mason!" You said trying not to be to loud in case they were still looking for you. You ran out of the cave and still didn't see him. "MASON!!" You screamed not caring if they are looking. You started tearing up. "Please Mason! Where are you?" You begged and fell to your knees. You were cring now. You buried your face in your hands. Sitting on your heals you started falling apart right there. Mason wasn't your boyfriend but you cared. He was the only one that actually cared for you. You heard some rustling and you looked up to see what it was.
  6. Mason came out of the rustling bushes. He saw you broken on the forest floor. He dropped some fish and berries to come to you. "Sammy! Are you ok? Did the raptors come?" He had a hold of your shoulders and was looking into your eyes. "No I'm fine I was worried about you!" He looked suprised that you were on the ground cring for him. "Why? I went to get breakfast." "I didn't know! And you're the only one that I feel really cares about me." You're still teary eyed and your voice was hoarse. He smiled and hugged you. "I'm glad to see you care too." You buried your face in his PJ's and took in this moment. Every feeling came out. Mason didn't see it all but he saw enough. He smelled clean and like pine trees. You closed your eyes letting your nose take in the smell. He pulled away and said "You hungry?"
  7. He started a fire with a some kind of wood that billowed hardly any smoke. He stuck the fish on a stick and slowly cooked them over the fire. He held the fish close to the fire though to cook it faster before the dogs caught the smell. Soon enough he handed me a stick with two fish on it. He had two as well. He held out his hand "Berries?" You looked them over and finally just said "Sure. Thanks." You finished eating and Mason started putting out the fire. We started to head out when it stopped smoking. "Won't it start a forest fire?" Mason shook his head. "I put it out enough it shouldn't be a problem. However, if it does start again the wind will blow it toward the building not to us." You nodded in understanding.
  8. "So where we going?" Asked Mason looking at his feet. Both of us didn't have shoes. "Can we go find my family?" He looked up to look at you. "You sure?" His answer suprised you. "My family loves me and always will. I kept saying to myself that when I escape I will find them." He raised his eyebrow. "I'm just saying how do you know they didn't kill them?" You realized they could have but you weren't going to let that stick in your head. "You don't want to help then I guess this is goodbye." You were about to walk off but then he stepped in front of you. "Look! I care about you and I saw you care about me. You want to find your parents then that's what well do. I'm not letting you slip away that easily." You saw the hurt in his eyes from the fact you almost walked away. "Ok. First let's get out of this forest and find a way to find them." "Ok." He smiled at you and you couldn't help but smile back.
  9. You both started walking and your legs started feeling sore. "Ughhh!" "You ok?" Mason asked kind of worried. "My legs just hurt." "From walking?" You nodded and started to slump foward. He smiled. You looked confused "What?" "Nothing." You still looked confused and didn't know weather to be worried or scared. He smiled again and leaned over and put one arm on your back and the other behind you knees. Soon you were lifted off the floor. "Ahhh! Stop! Let me down!" You giggled. He just smiled and kept carring you. You scrunched your nose and looked at him. "Why?" You looked confused again "Why what?" "Why do you look so cute when you scrunch your nose?" You laughed and looked deep into his green eyes. He smiled and leaned in and you didn't want to resit. Right when his lips were about to touch yours you both heard a hiss. He put you gentley in the bushes as his ears perked up. "Stay here." He whispered. You wanted to go but you felt compelled to listen. You heard rustling then chocking then nothing.
  10. "Mason?" You said and no one answered. "MASON!" You screamed as you climbed out of the bushes. When you went to where Mason went you saw him on the ground. "Mason!" He had bruises forming and blood on him. He groaned and you put your hand on his face to shh him. "Aww look." You looked up to see Dex. "This is a cute scene. A girl who fell for an idiot and now is about to die because of an idiot." Your head filled with cuss words and Your body filled with rage. "He's not an idiot!" "Prove it!" You stood up then you were surrounded by raptors on each side. "Prepare to die." Dex said as he lunged toward you.
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