what will you be in your next life?

In your next like, will you be a gorgeous aristocrat waited on hand and foot? Or will be born a malformed freak in some third world hellhole? Take this fun test today!

Do YOU know what you will be in your next life? Are you willing to find out out by taking this test? To let you know this WAS NOT created by Justice of jmperonality. I got out of a weekly world news magazine.

Created by: Justice
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. I donate to charity
  2. Inside the "real me" is
  3. my philosophy about romance is
  4. my favorite color is
  5. if i accidentally ran over a dog, my reaction would be
  6. my idea of an ideal vacation spot is
  7. when i see a bully picking on someone, my instinct is to
  8. i love moving featuring
  9. people often tell me i would make a great
  10. im most likely to switch the tv

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Quiz topic: What will I be in my next life?