the allied protectors of Earth (Part 8)

Hello! Here is Part 8! Stayed tuned for part 9! Just to tell you, Part 7 is out so please take it! I just tried out this percentage quiz style to see if it works, it does but I'll probably use the style I normally use :P

I really don't know what to write here....Umm well I had my Grade 1 flute exam today, aahhh I did so baaaadddd!! Also I went go karting on sunday :) it was fun :D Lol I crashed like 4 times :PPP

Created by: ayamesho
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  1. An annoying beeping filled the air. You groaned and tried to switch off you alarm clock. But no matter how many times to try to press the button, the beeping still goes on. “Whaa-” you mumbled and your slowly opened your eyes. Your compact, which was on your bedside table and was vibrating and making the beeping sound non stop. You flipped it open and to your surprise, you see Mason, his dirty blonde hair messy and his lips curling into a smile. “Rise and shine Sleeping Beauty,” winked Mason. “Umm, excuse me? Why are you calling me so early? It’s nine in the morning for crying out loud. AND it’s the weekend.” You complained. “Come on your highness, Jack wants you to train. Now.” “But why?” you murmured, stretching. “You still don’t know all the weapons. Now come on, I’ll see you in twenty minutes.” And with that he cut off. You slowly dragged yourself out of bed and to the bathroom where you got ready. After that you got changed in a pair of navy jeans, a white tank top with a turquoise cardigan and a pair of black pumps. You then transported yourself to the base.
  2. The first thing you saw was Mason, sitting at the sofa watching TV. “Morning,” he greeted you. He stood up walked towards you. It was the first time you really noticed him in his jumpsuit. You saw his muscles against the tight material and a faint outline of a six pack. “What is it?” he asked you when he caught you staring. “Nothing! Nothing…at all..” you stammered, turning beetroot red. “Where are the others?” you asked as you followed Mason to the training grounds. “Well it’s just me and you in the base. Everyone else is sleeping and Jack has gone to a T.A.P.O.E meeting.” “What meeting?” you asked, confused. “The allied protectors of Earth meeting. It’s a meeting with all the heads of the organisations from each different country. There is an organisation like us all around the world? So, we’re not the only one?” “Of course not! There are crimes and attacks all over the world!” Mason told you. “So…why are you with me? I mean, I thought Jack taught everything.” You asked looking at Mason with a quizzical look. “Well that’s because I’m the best at handling weapons here.” Smirked Mason. You both were outside on the training grounds. It was the same grounds where you normally trained with Jack.
  3. Mason gave you a look. You stared back. “What?” you asked. “Change into your uniform. You can’t practise like this.” You sighed and took out your compact. You quickly changed into your jump suit. Mason took off his weapons belt and laid it on a nearby table. “Okay. Starting off.” He began. He began to point to each pocket and took out what was inside, to show you. “These are throwing knives.” And held out a small looking dagger. He quickly threw it and one of the dummies. The knife landed straight into the centre of the dummy. You looked at the dummy in surprise. No wonder Mason’s teaching you. He managed to hit the dummy perfect when it was far away. Mason then showed you some sharp looking darts. “These are filled with sleeping drug. It can knock an opponent out for several hours. There is also a small blowgun for that. ” Mason continued to show you things like mini grenades, a compact spear just turns into a big spear when taken out, a medium sized disc which folded out into a huge electrocuting net, trackers, mini microphones and a big dagger. You never knew there would be so many weapons. “Apart from weapons, you need to know how to fight.” Mason told you. “But first, lets try to fight with weapons. Just like this,” said Mason and he aimed at the dummy. “Arms bend then let go and throw!” His dagger flew out of his hand and land right in the centre of the dummy’s forehead. You copied his actions and then threw the knife as hard has you could. It landed next to Mason’s. You grinned. “Hey! You’re not half bad!” teased Mason. “Wanna bet on that?” you smirked. “Oh it is so on!”
  4. You spent the next few hours having an aiming competition with Mason. He ended up beating you but it was only your first time trying. You both collapsed onto the sofa, panting. “Beat…you..” you panted and nudged Mason. “Whatever,” laughed Mason. “Want a drink?” Mason asked. “Sure,” you replied. “I’ll have some water please.” Mason was about to go and get the drinks when suddenly a loud beeping sound began to fill the air. “An attack?” you asked Mason. “Yup.” He quickly ran over to the screen where he began to track where the attack was. Austin, Sophia, Lucas and Indiana all appeared in their jumpsuits. “Where’s the attack?” asked Lucas. “By the harbour.” Replied Mason. “Come on lets go!” You guys all quickly took out your compacts and teleported to the harbour.
  5. When you appeared everything was completely trashed and there was a little girl crying by the side of the road. Her hair was in two plaits and she was crying into her knees. Sophia quickly ran to the little girl. “Can you tell me your name? Where are you parents?” The little looked up and smiled, showing her pearly white teeth. Suddenly she changed into some sort of snake, with long moving snakes on her head and a long tail. She wore a ragged piece of clothing on her top half and she was decorated in gold. Her eyes were piercing red. On her arm you noticed that there black marking of a hook and a long whip. Your mind set back to your Egyptian project you had to do in primary school. You realised that the marking was the symbol for Osiris, the God of the underworld. “Mason!” you cried. “She works for Osiris! There’s a marking on her arm!” The demon then lunged for Sophia but Sophia quickly slashed her with a sharp blade of ice, which was formed, in her hands. The demon hissed with pain. Everyone acted fast. Lucas ran towards her with his double ended sword and slashed at her. The demon whipped her tail at him, causing him to crash into a brick wall. Indiana did a series of flips and cartwheels then she suddenly kicked the demon hard in the stomach. Austin flew into the air and rammed his whole entire body into the demon, causing her to tumble and crash into one of the yachts in the harbour. You and Mason quickly combined attacks; you lifted up some things that were around and threw it at her. While she was recovering from that, Mason turned invisible and quickly threw her a round disc which exploded into a net and captured the demon. The net electrocuted her and she collapsed down.
  6. Three vans suddenly stopped in front of you. People with guns, bulletproof vests and other various things attached to them quickly surrounded the demon and pointed their guns at her. A man in a suit with black hair and brown eyes came over to you. “Well done guys.” He praised you. “Thanks Blake,” answered Mason. Blake looked at you. “See you guys got a new girl.” “I’m____________,” you smiled. “Who are you?” “I’m the chief police squad of the T.A.P.O.E. base here. Our staff is trained especially to handle demons and monsters. They have seen them all. You catch them, we lock them away in high security bases.” Said Blake. You nodded, taking in all the information. “I guess I’ll see you around then,” winked Blake and went back to the vans. The people took the demon in the net and drove off.
  7. “I’m knackered!” you groaned and flopped onto the sofa. “Urgh same,” muttered Mason and flopped down beside you. “I was going to high five you but I’m WAAAY to tired.” You laughed. “Austin switched on the flat screen tv. “Oh Man SWEET! We are just in time for the rugby game! Come on Silver Eagles woooo!” Austin looked at you and smiled as if he wanted you to do something. “_________, could you possibly get some drinks and popcorn pleeeaaasssee?” You gave him a death glare. “What am I, your servant?” you said, folding your arms. Austin then did the puppy eyes and that got you. “Fine,” you muttered and walked to the kitchen. The kitchen was huge. It was all silver and modern. You spotted a fridge and opened it. You took a few cans of Coke and some Fanta. Now to search for the popcorn. There were loads of cabinets and drawers. How were you supposed to know which was which? “Looking for the popcorn?” asked a voice. You turned round and saw Mason leaning against the door frame. You blushed hard. He looked even more fit. Mason walked towards and opened the 3rd drawer. He took the popcorn out and put it in the microwave. There was a awkward silence between you. “Good job today.” Mason praised you. “Thanks!” you looked at him and smiled. “Be prepared to wake up at three in the morning for attacks.” Laughed Mason. You groaned. Waking up in the morning was hard for you, not to even mention in the middle of the night. “The demon, that we fought today had a marking which was the symbol of Osiris.” You mumbled. “Yeah. I saw. It means that Osiris is still out there and we need to track him down. He will end up having millions of soldiers to fight.” Mason looked at you. The loud ping of the microwave quickly stopped the silence and Mason handed you bowls to put the popcorn in. You both walked out with the food and drinks. You set them down and Austin smiled. “Thanks _________!” Mason sat down with the boys and you began to search for the girls.
  8. You were getting the hang of this house now. You finally found Indiana’s room and knocked on the metal doors. “Come in!” said a voice from inside. The door opened for you and you went inside. Sophia and Indiana were both lying on the bed chatting. You looked around. It was obvious that Indiana’s favourite colour was baby pink and that she was a totally girly girl. Her room was almost like a child’s room; with every kind of stuffed toys in every inch of the room. Her bed was fit for a princess with fluffy cushions and a massive and I MEAN MASSIVE plush panda bear. It almost filled the entire bed. “Umm…you room’s…nice,” you tried to smile. “Don’t you love it?” laughed Indiana. Sophia rolled her eyes. “The boys have never tried to entered ever. Well they did…once and got blinded by Indiana’s girly-ness.” Giggled Sophia. “Hush Soph! That was supposed to be a secret!” whispered Indiana and whacked her with a pillow. Sophia giggled and threw the panda plush right at you. The weight of it made you collapse onto the floor. You grinned. You lifted up the plush with your telekinesis and threw it at Indiana and Sophia. They both collapsed onto the bed and burst into giggles.
  9. That night you were on the balcony thinking about today. The whole entire mission seemed kind of fun. Just as you were about to head indoors, you caught a glimpse of a bit of armour and red hair. It couldn’t possibly be…could it?
  10. Thanks for taking this! Just to announce that part 7 IS ouut :)

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