Which warrior cat character(s) are you?

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Hello to all! This quiz has seven different, and unique personalities to compare you to. There is eleven easy breezy questions, then I give you the best possible answer(s) in my opinion.

There are different pistons for you to choose from, (leader, deputy, ect...) As I said before, super easy questions, and ya. I hope you will take the quiz today!

Created by: Tana

  1. What is you personality??
  2. What is your favorite warrior cat (some are possible answers, others not. Does influence your answer.)
  3. What is the cutest warrior couple??
  4. You are secretly meeting with a cat from another clan, what do you do.
  5. What is your favorite ranking?
  6. Your clan is battling Riverclan, your kit faces you with hate is his/her eyes, what do you do??
  7. A cat from another clan just killed your mother, what do you do?
  8. What do you think would be your favorite piece of prey?
  9. What eye color do you think you would have?
  10. How many kits would you have, (per litter)

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Quiz topic: Which warrior cat character(s) am I?