Harry Potter Character quiz

I have created a quite accurate Harry Potter quiz that will truly determine are you Hermione, Harry, Ron, Draco, Dobby, or Luna. These characters I feel are good options of character.

How my quiz works is you choose the answer that most suits you and for each answer there is a certain number of points gaven to each character option.

Created by: Skyla
  1. Is your hair frizzy?
  2. Are you unique
  3. Do you have a good life?
  4. Are you brave?
  5. As you graduated where you the kid who got the most awards?
  6. do you like owls, cats, or toads better?
  7. Are you happy
  8. Are you all caught up in drama?
  9. Are you funny?
  10. Are you a boy or girl
  11. Do you like Malfoy of Harry better?

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