Which Character in Harry Potter Are You?

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If you think you're a wizard or a witch, then you are. But have you ever wondered what kind you are. Who are you most like from Harry Potter? In this quiz you'll find out.

Do you think you're: Harry, the chosen one Hermione, the smart one Ron, the sidekick Draco, the enemy Neville, the clumsy one Luna, the looney one Ginny, the pretty one Good luck with whatever!

Created by: Sera
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hi Guys, this is my third quiz! Ready?
  2. Who did you go to the Yule Ball with? (I went with Harry Potter)
  3. What's you hair color?
  4. What's your best class?
  5. What's you patronus?
  6. Who's your favorite teacher?
  7. Who's you dream girl/boy?
  8. Who is your enemy?
  9. What is your house? (Gryffindor!!)
  10. What's your blood status? (Muggle-born!)
  11. Thanks for taking this quiz, bye!

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Quiz topic: Which Character in Harry Potter am I?