Harry Potter Character Knowledge Quiz

This Is A Harry Potter Character Quiz. It means you see what you know about characters and their names! so, you should come prepared. To answer questions.

So. This will test your knowledge. On Harry Potter names! I already said that. Well, start taking! Have fun. This should be fun, but if you hate I understand.

Created by: Mya
  1. So! Hello. First Question. What are Harry, Ron, And Hermione's Middle Names?
  2. What Is The Order Of The Three Oldest Weasley Children?
  3. What Are Fred And George Weasley's Middle Names?
  4. Who did not go to the Ministry of Magic with Harry?
  5. What is Dumbledore's Third Name?
  6. What Is The Name Of The Right Hand Death Eater Of Voldemort? (Gasp)
  7. What is the name of Severus Snape's mother?
  8. What is Filch's first name?
  9. What is Voldemort's middle name?
  10. What did you think of this quiz?

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