which hp charactar r u??!!

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harry potter fans everywhere are taking theses quizzes. but this one is for real. usually people just ask you what's your fave color and you get harry. but this quiz has much more variety of characters.

are you tired of those cheap quizzes that only allow you to get harry ron or Hermione? I sure am! that's why I made this quiz that tells you the truth about your harry potter character.

Created by: hplover1000

  1. fave color
  2. food
  3. black or white *not race or skin color
  4. if you were one person who
  5. 1elder wand, 2sorcerers stone or 3invisibly cloak
  6. 1rock 2paper or 3scissors
  7. muggle or wizard
  8. summer or raining
  10. taco

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