which harry potter character are you

There are many Harry Potter fans out there, and I noticed there isn't a quiz here to tell you which character you are most like. So here is that quiz.

Are you like Harry? A strong, brave and hardworking soul. Or... Are you more like Hermione? A pleasant young girl, who doesn't like conflict and cares for others. Or... Are you like Ron? A funny young chap who is not the brightest wizard but a great friend to have.

Created by: cerys

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  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. Which house do you think you should be in?
  3. Who would you say, you share character traits with?
  4. Do you like the harry potter books?
  5. do you like the harry potter films?
  6. If you were Draco who would you be friends with from the 'gang'?
  7. If you were Luna who would you be friends with from the 'gang'?
  8. If you were Ginny who would you be friends with from the 'gang'?
  9. Choose ONE of these character traits
  10. Who's your favourite character?

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