which harry potter character are you

find out who you are in the Harry Potter series. you might be harry potter himself, ron weasly, herminone granger, luna lovegood, neville longbottom, or draco malfoy

answers the question truthfully and you can get the truth about who you are more like. there simple questions and all you have to do is answer them if you don't like your results try again.

Created by: kelly

  1. what do you on your weekends?
  2. you're invited to a party when you get there what do you do?
  3. your parents say they have to go on a trip what do you do while there gone?
  4. you are walking down the hall and a ghost comes out of nowhere what do you do?
  5. professor snape just insulted a friend of yours what do you do?(obliviously you don't know snape's a good guy)
  6. your name gets called from the goblet of fire whats your reaction?
  7. do you like this quiz?(won't effect)
  8. lord Voldemort say that he's actually the good guy and if you don't join him that you will get in trouble what do you do?
  9. while your home alone the front door creaks open what do you do?
  10. that's all i hoped you liked it :)

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