What is your knowledge of Harry Potter?

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So do you think you are a good Harry Potter fan? Think twice! Harry Potter TRUE fans are pretty rare. I am not sure if I am one. Are you. Who knows? Take this quiz to find out.

Harry Potter is AWESOME! I recommend reading it and watching all the movies. Then, read it again and again and again. I hope that if you haven't and say it's bad, you do.

Created by: Betty Cushman

  1. Who is the actor of Harry Potter?
  2. Who is the actor of Ron?
  3. Who is the actor of Hermione?
  4. Is Neville a true Gryffindor?
  5. What house is Cho Chang in?
  6. Ho many riddles did the Ravenclaw knocker give?
  7. What color is Luna's hair?
  8. Arthur Weasley works in... (This question does NOT apply to the sixth book)
  9. Harry Potter's first friend (doesn't need to be a kid) at Hogwarts was?
  10. Who did Harry Potter marry?
  11. Is Harry Potter the master of death?
  12. Who is Harry Potter's father?
  13. What is Voldemort's real name?
  14. What subject is Neville good at?
  15. (No effect) Will you PLEASE comment and rate?

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Quiz topic: What is my knowledge of Harry Potter?