Who will you love? part 3

Part 3!!!yeah!! Ready for your very own power?? this time alot is revealed and a certain someone causes alot of problems! I hope you enjoy it! Please comment/rate! ♥Alethea♥

Description of the guys ♥Seth - Cute! medium height, tousled blonde hair, bright blue eyes ♥Gavin - Hot! tall, tanned skin, dark brown hair and cheeky grin, chocolate brown eyes ♥Blake - Shy! short with longish bronze hair, dimples and glass green eyes ♥Conner - Mysterious! Also tall, pale skin, jet black hair that falls over one eye, grey eyes

Created by: Alethea
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  1. you wake up bright and early to find Conner on the floor next to your bed. His hair is messy and you can see a faint scar next to his eye thats covered by hair. you look at him and think...
  2. All of a sudden he trips you up and has pinned you down on the soft carpet. A wide grin stretched across his face "Morning! Did you sleep well?" he asked. you nod looking slightly dazed. He laughs gently and helps you up.
  3. you both head downstairs where Seth's making your favourite for beakfast!
  4. you thank Seth for making your breakfast and head down to the lab where you find Blake sitting at a desk writing something on a piece of paper. He hears you come in and smiles. "Ok _____, Ready to find out your power?"
  5. you sit in the chair patiently while Blake takes blood and hair samples. "Blake... I was wondering why i'm here." you ask him curiosly. He sighs and looks at you sternly "Because you're in great danger."
  6. you keep looking at him untill he finally starts to explain. "you see _____ people like us the 'gifted' ones arent all good. there are some that arent content with just 1 power. Because you are very powerful we didnt want any of these people getting hold of your power, it would be valuble to the enemy. you still following me?"
  7. "So to steel someones power you have to cut out the heart and eat it but doing this you kill them, its one of the only ways we can be killed." He glances at you "But we dont want that happening to someone as pretty as you..."
  8. An alarming noise comes from the computer. "Its done!" Blake says checking the results. He scans the screen and beams up at you "Ok _____ i know your power, i want you to close your eyes and hold my hand at the same time." you take hold of his hand and do what he says images come flying into your head which sticks out the most?
  9. the images disapear and Blake's looking at you with curiosity. "What you just saw were some of my memories. your power is that you can look into peoples past and find the inner good or bad in that person." by the look on your face he realises the images you saw werent happy. "Im sorry, that was too much for your first time. you can do that anytime you want if you touch their skin and concentrate hard." you sit in the lab and talk with Blake for a while but you have so much going through you're head.
  10. "I think you'd better get some sleep" says Blake smiling. you exit the room but bump into Gavin who pulls you into his room and starts kissing you!!
  11. Just as your getting into your suprise snog, Seth walks in!!!! He's completely gutted and heartbroken you hear him running out and calling for Blake and Conner!
  12. you run out of the room into the kitchen where the other 3 guys look heartbroken you dont know what to say. you begin to apologise when Gavin walks in smiling and looking triumphant. the other guys look like their about to snap!!
  13. Ok thats 3 done! Looks like somethings about to kick off :o

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Quiz topic: Who will I love? part 3