Who Are You From Angel Beats?

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Hi! Hope you like this! So who are you from Angel Beats!? Lets find out and see! Now bellow is a scene from AB! (Angel Beats!) Hope you enjoy!

"Naoi will you use your hypnosis powers to help Otonashi with his memories?" Yuri asked. "You don't have the authority to order me around. Who do you think you are?" Naoi says pointing a finger at her. Otonashi head slaps him. "She's your boss, leader so shut up and do what she says. Wait my memories?!" Otonashi said. "Yes his powers are the real deal." Yuri said. "Okay I help Otonashi." Naoi says. "Wait don't make any decisions without my permission!" Otonashi says.

Created by: Wolfygirl
  1. Your life. Do you...
  2. Okay you are dead what do you think of your life?
  3. Okay who are you in a war? Rebelling? Or trying to stop the rebels?
  4. Someone is bulling you. You...
  5. Okay your parents are yelling at you for whatever reason. You...
  6. What's your choice of weapon?
  7. Okay back to real world!
  8. You are at a party people call you...
  9. Okay! How good are you at acting?
  10. Next! What color is your hair!?
  11. Do you cry a lot?
  12. If someone is annoying you...
  13. Someone you look up to comes and tells you to stop something you...
  14. Okay! Lets see if you know your Angel Beats on top of your head like me! Who are these people talking!? "Hey! Let me try my new move on you! I call it the reverse ask out!" "No way... Seems like we are getting more brats joining the battle front." "Excuse me but are you referring to me? I am God." "Your still going on about that? And here you cried onto Otonashi yesterday like a baby!" "Who was the one crying?" "Wha-" "You'll be the one crying. You just realize the greatness of clothes pins. In comparison your worthless and in despair..." *Clothes pin on table* "A... A clothes pin... You pin it... You pin it and the CLOTHES DON'T FALL AND GET DIRTY! THEY CAN EVEN BE USED A PAPER CLIPS! I'M NOTHING COMPARED TO THEM! *Cries*" "What are you doing?" "Otonashi! Good morning!" "What did you do to him?" "He started it. I tried to end things peacfully. God is innocent." "Peaceful? You made a grown man cry on his knees."
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