How well do you know wings of fire?

Hello this quiz will test your knowledge of the wings of fire book series! I am sorry if these questions are hard but i like a challenge so i did it, good luck!

I made this specifically for my friends so you might not get it but I hope you enjoy! Fyi this is not my fav series but I still love it so I did it check out my Michael vey quiz and shoutout to almond the mudwing for being such a good friend!

Created by: orion the nightwing
  1. Who is the main character in the first book?
  2. Who are the two villains in the second arc?
  3. Who are the dragonets of destiny in the second arc?
  4. Who are the three rival queens?
  5. Who is the newest sandwing queen?
  6. what is the title of the 14th book?
  7. What was the tribe that was supposed to be extinct but are alive?
  8. Who is Darkstalker's father?
  9. Who is the dragonet of destiny who does not have their own book?
  10. Last question: What type of dragon is Fathom?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know wings of fire?