10 Personalities Quiz (Your Main)

This is a quiz made for Olive but can be used by other people. This quiz shows you what kind of main personality you are, but you are many! Enjoy this quiz!

And also this quiz may not fully be correct or understandable, but just try your best and keep up with the questions! There are 8 of them. This was made from EpicDecypher!

Created by: EpicDecypher
  1. Are you Brave, Determined, or Loyal?
  2. Do you consider yourself as laid back, or an achiever?
  3. Do you like quizzes?
  4. Do you hate being pressured?
  5. Do you think of the worst outcome when the situation is favorable?
  6. Do you have a need to be better than everyone?
  7. Do you take intrest in art?
  8. Are you honest to everyone around you and you do everything to be nice and support them?
  9. Does not count so skip
  10. Skip this one too!

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