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!! READ DESCRIPTION !! - This test is to tell what your *MAIN* SOUL TRAIT is! Everyone has a mix of every trait, but everyone also has a main trait to their SOUL. This test MAY NOT BE ACCURATE, but, if it is, I’m glad, means I made it well. Enjoy.

I’ll just explain a bit about SOUL TRAITS, and TRAITS. You do not have to read this paragraph. - SOUL TRAITs are the ingredients that make up a SOUL. There are a total of eight discovered, seven primary TRAITs, and one support TRAIT. All living creatures that possess a SOUL have these SOUL TRAITs. The color of one's SOUL is purely dependent on which TRAIT is dominant within the SOUL. Because the levels of each TRAIT fluctuate with time, a living creature typically won't have the same dominant SOUL TRAIT for their entire life.

Created by: Sand
  1. First; what SOUL do YOU believe you are?
  2. Are you a more logical or creative thinker?
  3. Do you often find yourself procrastinating?
  4. Are you very social?
  5. Do you feel more like a protagonist or an antagonist?
  6. Are you often very motivated?
  7. Are you patient?
  8. Do you achieve your goals?
  9. Were you well behaved as a child?
  10. Which of these numbers do you like the most?
  11. What’s your opinion on comedy?
  12. Which core subject do you enjoy the most?
  13. Are you very athletic, or used to be?
  14. Do you feel you are very mature?
  15. Black or White?
  16. Which is harder: Word scramble or Crossword?
  17. How many hours a day do you look at a screen, not including online school.
  18. Do you stay true to yourself?
  19. Do you like books and movies that make you come up with your own interpretation of the ending? Or endings where it is clear.
  20. Do you take responsibility in group settings, such as taking control of the project?
  21. Are you enjoying this quiz so far?

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