My Own Undertale AU. What is your SOUL Trait?

Ello- this is my AU- so- Please be Nice- it's my First Time anyways- :')- so- this is a SOUL Trait User- and not a Quiz, and you will get the Results when your at the last Question.

And Also- Be Nice, Okay? :')- Okie- Good- :3 Okay- I will not be in your way again! Yeet! And Go Ahead! Friends/People From The Internet/Random People/People/Idk-

Created by: kimi kowa
  1. What is your Dream?
  2. Which SOUL in Undertale do you Believe?
  3. Do you Believe in LOVE?
  4. if there's someone is Hurt or Needs Help what will you do?
  5. Your a Kid and you Meet Frisk on your Way Home! What will you do?
  6. You Met Betty on your way while Running What will you do?
  7. You Meet a Child Monster Curled up Crying while you were in the Woods having a Short Walk! What will you do?
  8. What Will your Magic be?
  9. Who will be your Friend?
  10. Alright- this is all I can think of- So- Ya Ready for The Results? (Doesn't Effect The Results-)

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Quiz topic: My Own Undertale AU. What is my SOUL Trait?