Shout Out Quiz!

This, similar to WoF_Deathbringer's, is a Shout-Out quiz to thank those who were kind and friendly towards me when I first joined! Many thanks to all of those amazing people!

All people featured specially in this quiz are WoF_Deathbringer, WowCrazyInsane, ChameleonLeap, Eclipsestar228, SprinkledSpice, and that's it! Thanks once again to all those special people!

Created by: Cats17
  1. So this is just a shout out quiz, inspired by WoF_Deathbringer's
  2. Your result does not matter btw
  3. First is to WoF_Deathbringer, who was the first person I met on here, is in my rps, and might be the best person I know!
  4. Second is to Eclipsestar228. He/she is in my rps as well, and is amazing!
  5. Third is to WowCrazyInsane. She is really nice, and is also in my rps!
  6. Fourth is to SprinkledSpice. He/she really is the sprinkliest spice there ever was.
  7. Fifth is to ChameleonLeap. We may have had a misunderstanding at first, but I can still consider you as a friend!
  8. That's it!
  9. Thanks to everyone!
  10. Bye!

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