Shout outs! |2020|

Hello hello how are you I hope you are having just a wonderful day today and also I forgot to say welcome to my just completely amazing shout out quiz!

this is a shout out quiz for people to get shouted out to!!!! Hope you enjoy and also I really hope you are one of them to get shouted out to!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Unicornkat
  1. Dog lover. Your a good person that I love to always talk to sometimes! I'm glad you were able to join gotoquiz to be with everyone! Like me!
  2. Emowoman. You wanted me to add you on this shout oh so I did! Your a great person that I'm so glad that I met!
  3. The geek. So we didn't go so well the last few days but we used to get along great! And just to let you know, you scratch my back I scratch yours!
  4. PeeandPoo. So your a cool person it's just... The pee and poo part😅. Well I hope we get to talk more together in the future!
  5. Chainsaw. So even tho we barely met I guess your a good person!
  6. Smiley2000! Sooo your also a good person I guess!
  7. Cuteboy123. It was a pleasure to meet you and you have a great personality and I like it!
  8. Absol heart! I haven't really known you well but I guess I want to add you to this shout out!
  9. MothIncarnate! It was nice to also meet you and I know about our rp and we can talk about it! also your a awesome person!
  10. Sins. So I haven't got to know you that well but I hope that I will be able to get to know you better!
  11. Ello! So I also haven't got to know you that well but i hope in the future I will get to! Your a awesome person!
  12. Katqueen45! Even tho we haven't really met her I hope we get to!
  13. Yoi morgan! You are a awesome person that I love that I got to meet!
  14. That was all! Sorry if you didn't get shouted out to. Your a great person!!!!

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