Which Warrior Cats Leader are you from The Prophecies Begin?

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Ever wondered which leader from The Prophecies Begin you are? Well, here is your perfect chance to find out! Are you the brave Firestar, the cunning Tigerstar, or the collective Bluestar?

Disclaimer: I do not know of any quizzes like this, nor do I mean to copy or trace other quizzes like this. I would appreciate no copying or tracing this quiz. All characters, clans, etc. below belong to the Warrior cats franchise by Erin Hunter. No hate in the comments, whether it be towards me as the quiz maker, or the quiz itself- no hate in the comments! I am grateful for any feedback, though!

Created by: Cats17
  1. Favorite color?
  2. Favorite animal?
  3. Choose a cardinal direction
  4. Choose a fur pattern
  5. Choose an eye color
  6. Clan?
  7. Rank?
  8. Intro or Extro
  9. Good trait?
  10. Bad trait?

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Quiz topic: Which Warrior Cats Leader am I from The Prophecies Begin?