How well do you know the warriors cats?

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Are you a true warrior cats fan? We’ll take this quiz, this goes from The prophecies begin and Omen of the stars, also there are the super edition Firestar’s quest questions, and Tigerstar and Sasha questions!

Good luck! Let’s see your results, also please to not cheat by looking up the answers. If you really want you can check the book in real life but other than that, Bye!!!

Created by: Hazelthepolytherian.
  1. Who was Rusty’s friend?
  2. What’s was Rusty’s Warrior name?
  3. Who did Fireheart save from a tree when it was a fire in Rising Storm?
  4. Who died in a Dangerous path?
  5. Who was Midnight?
  6. Who died in Moonrise?
  7. Which apprentice died in Dawn by breaking their neck?
  8. Who died in twilight whilst saving Sorreltail and her kits?
  9. In third series, who is Cinderpelt?
  10. Who killed Ashfur, and ran away to the tunnels?
  11. Who was the third cat of the prophecy, There will be three, kin of your kin, who will hold the powers of the stars in their paw?
  12. In Firestar’s quest, which clan where they rebuilding and which cat called Skywatcher, Moony?
  13. What happened to Tadpole in Tigerstar and Sasha 3?
  14. Well let’s see your results! (This will not effect)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the warriors cats?