How Well Do You Know WARRIORS The Darkest Hour?

This Quiz is about The Darkest Hour. From the first warriors series.This is the last book in the first series. The second series is the new prophecy.the 3rd is the power of three. the 4th is omen of the stars.

Are you a genius on this book.I know I am.So find out right now! Go on and take the quiz.Also take my other quiz Warriors - Who killed who by Firestar

Created by: Firestar

  1. Who Gives Fireheart/Firestar His 1st Life?
  2. Who is Firestar's Apprentice?
  3. Who is Firestar's 1st Deputy?
  4. Who is The Leader of Bloodclan?
  5. Who Helps Lionclan (Thunderclan,Windclan,Riverclan,Shadowclan)Defeat Bloodclan?
  6. How Does Tigerstar Persuade Bloodclan To Help Him Take Over The Forest?
  7. How Does Tigerstar Die?
  8. How Does Firestar Lose His 1st Life?
  9. How are Scourege's Claws Reanforced,and What is His Collar Made of?
  10. Who Kills Darkstripe?
  11. Who Kills Whitestorm ?
  12. Who Kills Bone?
  13. Who Kills Scourge?
  14. Who is the Thunderclan Deputy After Whitestorm is Killed?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know WARRIORS The Darkest Hour?