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  • The Present List
    "Minecraft Pc Unknown untill new years Maybe punching bag....I hope"
  • So your Mom is sick.
    "Anyone with me?"
  • Fantasy RP
    "I give up"
  • Fantasy RP
    "(um, bump?)"
  • Random rp
    "(for some reason I HIGHLY doubt that)"
  • "*Ignores Indrick* "Hello....... Might you have a idea why I am still alive or where I am?""
  • "Illrea felt as if he was falling and he realized he was. He struggled to catch something but failed miserably.Ilrea landed on sandy ground t..."
  • Kingdoms for Battle
    "a copy of the gotoquiz world wars....didnt you say ur name is also jokes? yea ur joker and jokes"
  • "your title is VERY confusing to me......."
  • Fantasy RP
    "(i havent seen Jazzy nor AshyCookies in forever.........should I give up on waiting for her? If not that then we need new players....BADLY)"..."
  • Random rp
    "(i was diligent enough to go look in like 6 or 5...i go all the way to 20 if i must and if no one remembers i still have 2 other charries th..."
  • Random rp
    "(is anyone going to post?)"
  • Fantasy RP
  • "Illrea pulled his sword from it's sheath and stood where he heard a young woman.A speechless presense was still in the shop. "Hello? Go get ..."
  • "Illrea walked into the shop to hear some shouting. "Whats going on?"He asked half fearfully.There was no answer. He felt only one presense l..."

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