What will happen in the 2010 elections?

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Thread Topic: What will happen in the 2010 elections?

  • Demonjoe Novice
    Hey I'm back!

    So anyway, I think this year's elections will be awful for the Democrats.
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    It's a bit too early to say. My most negative impulses are to believe the Democrats will get slaughtered, but maybe not. Maybe health care reform does finally get passed, maybe a jobs bill gets passed, maybe the economy sees some improvement. Also alot of the grassroots organizing that has been missing since Obama's election is finally being emphasized. Most important, most polls seem to favor the Democrats compared to Republicans- most Americans do want health care reform to pass, and most blame the GOP for partisan bickering. Whatever happens the next couple of months, the GOP will pick up some seats in November- how many is the question.
  • It's going to be a rough one for Democrats. They've won big the in the last two elections, so they've got more seats to lose now than Repubilcans do. And no party is going to keep winning big in election after election. The voting public also seems to like voting against the President's party in mid-terms. I mean historically, that's how it goes.

    So in my mind it's a sure thing Democrats are going to lose seats. How many depends on the economy and whether or not the base is motivated to go vote. The base will only be motivated if the Democrats get some things done this year.

    If the Republicans do well, the Republican base will probably misinterpret that result to mean that America wants hard-right candidates. Hopefully they'll put some real nutty candidate up for the presidency in 2012.
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    One guy who I absolutely think is finished is Arlen Specter. I don't think he excites the Democratic Party's base enough(after all he just became a Democrat a year ago), which is especially problematic since he's running against a candidate in Pat Toomey that has really rallied his base. No matter what happens in the next 8 months, Specter is out.

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