FDRs new deal programs

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Thread Topic: FDRs new deal programs

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    I think Roosevelt's programs were good for two reasons: (1)they fixed a boken system and restored faith in our democracy, and(2)they set the precedent that government has a responsibility to provide some things for it's citizens.
  • World War 2 put the nail in the coffin of the depression, but FDRs programs put people back to work, and the economy was improving all throughout the 1930s under his policies.

    Another thing FDR did was restore faith in capitalism. People of the time thought the capitalist system had failed, and meanwhile the Russians were touting the benefits of communism.. which sounded really good to a lot of people at the time. FDR did not believe in communism, though, and the way he tamed the capitalist system with safety nets and government programs allowed America to flourish in our greatest, and economically strongest decades.. the 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. You can't argue with those results.
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    We really would've turned to a dictator if not for FDR, probably more fascist like Mussolini than communist, though. Peter's absolutely right- the New Deal set an economic foundation for the next several decades. Prior to the New Deal, we were largely a nation of rich and poor. The New Deal is responsible for creating the modern middle class.
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    Good except for the printing of money which helped make them work. Our value dropped greatly, it plummeted after he did that. Look at what happened everwhere else in the world when money was printed.

    As for us turning to a dictator I challenge that. How would that happen?
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    The way Hoover had handled the Depression, people were very doubtful of democracy in our country at that time. Also in many other countries, notably Germany and Japan, the Depression did give rise to dictators.
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    fdr did way more than hoover. fdr spent a lot of money on the new deal programs and they worked out of luck. but hoover just kind of waited for the problems to fix themselves.

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