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  • Call of Duty
    "hi perla whats up? "
  • ur all gone…
    "lol im rite nxt to U"
  • Nudism
    "emma dared meh "
  • Nudism
    "gah i was called a chicken because i didnt ask him out yesterday...."
  • Nudism
    "ok but where is heeeee!"
  • Nudism
    "ok ok i got this *puts steamy waffles on table*"
  • Nudism
    "oh boy i need to talk to hikaru damn it i must lure him with skittles *starts placing them in a line*"
  • Nudism
    "what is goin on in here?"
  • Hikaru Katsu
    "hikaru are you on? "
  • join the cause
    "hey perla u tlked to hikaru yet? "
  • Nudism
    "i was just mentally scared on facebook "
  • Nudism
    "cuz i askded chu ^______^"
  • Nudism
    "good point emma good point"
  • Nudism
    "im hungryyyy"
  • Nudism
    "UR BAKKKK we missed chu lol"

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