Afganistan now longest war in U.S. history

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Thread Topic: Afganistan now longest war in U.S. history

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    Demonjoe Novice
    I walked into the living room of our temporary renting house and my parents have The FOX Report on and I see that the Afganistan War is now today the longest war in U.S. history. I find it kind of odd how this war wasn't finished when Bush was President. I mean come on! We have finished way worse wars than this one in half the time. We need to finish this war so we can spend less and focus more on Iraq and finish whatever the hell we're doing still, I lost track of what we're there for. At first it was to find weapons of mass destruction, then I believed it was for oil, and now I think the current reason for our occupence there is so we can stabalize Iraq's democracy. I wish we could just finish these wars, and I don't mean just leave them like Vietnam, I mean finish them for good.
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    timothy4444 Novice
    Who cares about USA. Australia is Better.
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    Demonjoe Novice
    Now whose the world's only super power?
  • The Godfather Newbie
    Australia? It's a nice place, and I love vegemite but it is not better.

    We're the only superpower left! You were never even close.

    And unfortuneatley pulling out would make us appear weak and they'd try to attack us more.
    However, that is all I am saying because our troops are dying for us and I am not.
  • tongue Newbie
    There's no point in saving face, we need to leave Afghanistan. No country in history has ever been able to claim victory in Afghanistan. I don't buy that pulling out will embolden the terrorists because this is what they wanted. They wanted us to attack them, get self-righteous and try to root out all terrorists and get stuck in a futile, endless war. They have no reason to attack us.
    The War on Terror is a war doomed to fail. Something as broad as terrorism can't be destroyed, only neutralized.
  • The Godfather Newbie
    But weapons are being developed, and the Taliban and Al-Qaeda are grwoing. You heard all of our analysts.
    It sucks it is so long, and I'm not going to get too into it because again, I shouldn't have n opinion if I'm not willing to fight, but terrorists wanted a reason to fight us. They want us dead. You need to see all of the solid proof about it.
    And by the way, Afghanistan did not want us their as a country, It was the terrorists who started it, not the country itself. They didn't plan for us to go there and clear terrorists because we are smarter than that. That's like saying the terrorists want us there so we get can rid of them.
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    Appayipyip42 Novice
    Spartans never retreat, never surrender...
    Oh wait, this is not Sparta, nevermind...
  • I agee with tongue. Afghanistan is not so much a country but an area of land with lines drawn around it on a map. Even the Taliban, a brutal regime, could not control the full territory. We are fools if we think we can create a modern democracy there. I feel bad for the people there, that they don't have the prosperity and freedom we have. But I think we'd have to spend decades and endless amounts of money to bring them up to the standards of a modern democracy, and I don't even know if they really want it. It's such a hopeless mess.
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    Corpsegrinder Newbie
    @Demonjoe There are no more superpowers, superpowers are countries that take over other ones, and the U.S. doesn't do that anymore, no countries do.

    And @TheGodfather Vegemite taste like sh|t.
  • The Godfather Newbie
    Actually, if you sudy your histroy, the Superpowers have always had the U.S involved. These are the countries that help out, that prosper, that advance in science, technology, and things in that nature. Superpower does not mean take over. You are thinking of imperialist powers, such as what England was for hundreds of years.
    Besides the U.S.A, the last remaining superpower was the U.S.S.R, and the collapse of that late and post-Cold War left the U.S as the only remaining one.
  • The Godfather Newbie
    This was directed at corpsegrinder by the way.

    And that is also disgusting and illegal to do, so you should change your name lol

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