For or against affirmative action

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Thread Topic: For or against affirmative action

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    I don't have any fear of a "black planet", if you want to end racism then we should end all discrimination. What does white people running society have to do with anything? I live in the deep south Georgia, one of the last states I think that stopped segregation and I never see any racists like there were in the 60's, 70's or before that.
    If you went to apply for a job at some corporation and the employer was deciding between 2 people, a white guy and a minority. Not that I'm racial stereotyping or anything but lets just say that the white guy has a slightly better resume and the minority just falls a little short of the white person and the minority gets the job only because of his race. Now pretend that you're that white person, wouldn't you just be a little mad that you didn't get a job solely because you're white? Of course you can just as easily reverse this senario where the whites are the minority in this community. All affirmative action does is teach minorities to relay (I hope I spelled that right) on their race to succeed and not working hard, doing good in school and not doing drugs, but when you put affirmative action into the equation it takes the point out of working hard for minorities because as long as they are the minority in that community and they are legally obligated to get a job over a white person, they'll have no reason to work hard. I want minorities to succeed but not at the expense of other people.
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    Affirmative action doesn't mean that minorities don't have to work hard to get somewhere. Let's say there is a young black man who really isn't that motivated. Sure they can get into college, but not a great one, and they can easily be tossed out if there is another person of their race who can take their place. Sure they can get a job, but only menial labor and they can easily be fired if they are slacking off and there's another person of his race ready to take his place. Minorities do still have to work hard to have a solid career and to get into a good school.
  • Another way to look at it, and this is just a generalization, but it's probably a safe bet the white person with the slightly better resume has had more opportunities in his life than the minority person. Those extra opportunities have contributed to his slight advantage. Maybe if all things had been equal the minority person would have had the slight advantage. Despite the progress we've made, minorities still have greater poverty, worse schools, more crime in their neighborhoods and other negative factors that they must overcome to succeed.
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    There's alot truth to that, Peter. It goes back to the saying that minorities have to work twice as hard. Like I said, affirmative action doesn't mean minorities don't have to work hard.

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