Has Obama Met Your Expectations?

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Thread Topic: Has Obama Met Your Expectations?

  • The Godfather Newbie
    Actually, governmetn run helath care clearly states in its appelation that the government runs it. It is paid for by tax payers, but this government is almost making you buy it.

    It's fascist to make you buy it, but Socialist to have it run for everybody.

    And look at the cancer success rate in European free health care countries compared to America. 70% to 90%? And you think this will help our countries.
  • Godfather, what I think is happening here is you heard on Fox News or some similar source that what the bill creates is "government-run health care" and you are basing everything off that. The closest thing we have to government-run health care are the VA hospitals. Second closest is Medicare, which seems quite popular even among Republicans.

    But what I would say to you is, look at what this bill actually does, and not the labels that its opponents apply to it. Labeling it "government-run health care" does not make it so. The bill leaves intact the entire private systsem of health care, including even the insurance companies. There is nothing "government-run" about it, so let's stick to the facts.
  • The Godfather Newbie
    Actually Peter, I think you need to check your sources.

    This bill creates a type of health care system closest to that of Canada. The government requires people take advantage of the helath care system, or pay a tax. This bill proposes that taxpayers pay for this bill. Medicine will not be as good. Doctors will become too busy.

    And frankly, I have no choice but to stop debating you. I respect that you are being mature, abut I must do the same on my part. I think you might be very far left, and possibly that is influencing your opinion on the bill.

    Both Democrats and Republicans KNOW this bill proposes a Socialist government-run outline for healthcare reform.

    I apologize, but this debate ended right after I argued your point a while ago. If you'd like to try on someone else I suggest you try and start your own poll on this subject.
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    Bambi Novice
    OOOOOH! Long post wars!
  • The Godfather Newbie
    Yeah that last one was my A bomb. With Hikaru's posts I might drop my F!
  • Godfather, I don't know where you are getting these ideas from, but you are misinformed.

    The way the Canadian system works is, the parliament passes an annual health care budget that comes out of taxes, and this money is used to pay doctors for treating the sick. Canadians themselves do not have a health insurance plan either through their employer or individually. They go to the doctor and do not pay anything. The government takes care of it all.

    The bill we're talking about in the US will not get rid of private insurance companies. Americans will continue to get insurance through their job or privately, as they do today. The government would not pay doctors for treating patients as the Canadian system does. That will still be handled by insurance. And Americans will still pay copays to their doctors as well.

    One important change that would take effect is that the government would pay part of the cost of insurance for people who buy their own insurance, and for small businesses. So, the people will still be buying insurance from private insurance companies, and those insurance policies would work exactly as they do today. It's just that the government is paying for a portion of the cost, if you make less than $88,000 per year. The government is getting that money from two places: 1 is from trimming the Medicare budget, and 2 is most likely a tax on luxury health insurance plans. There are no new taxes on regular people, unless you have one of those plans (most people don't).

    So what you are doing here is claiming that the government paying part of a person's cost of buying their own insurance from a private insurance company is the same thing as Canada where they have no private insurance companies and the government just pays the doctors out of taxes.
  • The Godfather Newbie
    Peter- I appreciate the effort but I only read the first paragraph. As I mentioned I don't debate misinformed. I think it's great your not flaming like Hikaru but start another poll.
  • tongue Newbie
    He's not misinformed- he just doesn't agree with you, which is the same thing in your book.
  • The Godfather Newbie
    Actually there is no book. If you check one source or say what your parents say- you are generally wrong. I know he is wrong although it may appear that I won't listen because he disagrees.

    I'm, just wierded out he considers the new bill not at ALL socialist; not even a little.
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    Bambi Novice
    Oh well, let 'em have their fun.
  • tongue Newbie
    You don't have one single source, Godfather? You seem to watch Fox News religiously.
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    Hikaru Katsu Novice
    Fox News is yellow journalism, I saw it once before, it scared me...
  • The Godfather Newbie

    You freakin kids and your Jon Stewart/Colbert report for news, or saying what your parents say. Once your officialy a teen, you'll get your own opinion but I have better time than to debate with 9 year olds like Peter and Tongue.

    Hikaru....I must say....despite that F America post.....our debates are much calmer. Let's celebrate *pulls out Smirnoff*
  • It's real simple: when you dilute the word "socialist" so much that you are applying it to a completely private market system, you not only obliterate all meaning of the word, but you've also lost touch with reality. Socialist health care means doctors are paid by the government out of taxes and nobody has their own insurance, because they get medical care for free. You do realize that is completely different from the Democrats' plan, right?
  • The Godfather Newbie
    Peter.....enough. I aksed you nicely. I AM NOT READING YOUR POSTS!!!! You are the only person I am ignoring. You make no sense!

    Not because you are not agreeing with me; because you are not making sense.

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