Periodic Table Quiz

The periodic table of elements is difficult to memorize, however knowledge of the elements is part of an important foundation in science. Do you think you know the periodic table well enough? Could you ace a quiz on it?

Below you will find 18 "questions"--actually they are just element symbols. Your task is to match the symbol to the correct element as it corresponds on the periodic table. They aren't too difficult in the beginning, however I've upped the challenge as you get further down. Do your best, take the test, and find out how much you really know about the elements! There is an answer key on the next page.

Created by: Peter Principle
  1. N
  2. He
  3. C
  4. K
  5. Cu
  6. Fe
  7. Ni
  8. Au
  9. Sn
  10. Pt
  11. Sb
  12. Rb
  13. Hg
  14. U
  15. W
  16. Mo
  17. Ra
  18. Pd

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