What Do You Know about Periodic Trends

This quiz is meant to test your general knowledge of the periodic trends.You dont have to bea genius or an expert, but read [no urls] and check thisquiz out!

are you a periodic trend mastermind? do you know the difference between electron negativity and atomic radius? Why dont you take this quiz to test your knowledge!

Created by: Justin Singletary of Periodic Trends
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  1. What is atomic radius?
  2. what is electron negativity ?
  3. what is ionization energy?
  4. What is a trend ofatomic radii
  5. What is an example of ionized energy
  6. what is a trend of ionic energy
  7. where does the nonmetallic arrow point?
  8. whatremix song did the 3 boys use in the extra links?
  9. What is electron affinity
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Quiz topic: What do I Know about Periodic Trends